Launch sitesSome sites to launch a canoe or dingy easily. There is space at the rear of the House for a boat and trailer.

Ormiscaig, Mellon Charles  Google Map

Ormiscaig shoreline near Mellon Charles
You could park your car at the roadside at Ormascaig , Mellon Charles

Poolewe, in front of the Campsite

You can park across the road from the Campsite at Poolewe
Access to the shore at Poolewe, best used at high tide

Inverasdale, slipway can be used at any turn of the tide

Parking and access to the Slipway at Inverasdale
Inverasdale slipway, can be used at all tides
Turn off for the Inverasdale Slipway

Firemore Sands, however there are easier places to launch within a few miles of the sands

Firemore beach there are easier launching sites within a few miles
Firemore beach there are easier launching sites within a few miles
Firemore Campsite and beach

Cove Bay, you could park near the hut

Cove bay, you could park near the small shed

Cove Slip, used at any tide

Cove Slipway access at any tide
Cove Slipway and the road to it and parking
The road down to Cove Slipway is opposite the cottage


Badachro access to the shore
Parking for the Badachro shore is just off the main road

Slattadale, not well signposted

The turn off for Slatterdale and Loch Maree is easly missed
Slatterdale car parking
Car Parking at Slatterdale
View of the shore and Loch Maree at Slatterdale

Tollie Farm, keep on to the end of the track

The shore of Loch Maree at Tollie
Follow the road to end, parking and turning place at Tollie

Beinn Eighe Access, to the Loch. The turn off and parking, would be able to turn trailer if not full

Access path to Loch Maree, parking at Beinn Eighe
Canoes would need to be carried along the path. Beinn Eighe car park
There is room to turn a trailer if it is not full

Laide Slipway, cannot be used at low tide, you would need to walk down the left side of the slip to get to the water

The turn off to Laide Slipway on the road to Mellon Udrigle
Can not use the slip at low tide, walk down the left hand side

Mellon Udrigle, boats must be carried down the walkway

The car park for Mellon Udrigle beach
Canoes would have to be carried along the walkway
Mellon Udrigle beach with Beinn Ghobhlach in the distance